About Me

Richard Iamunno is the Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic International Capital Digital Assets Group out of Boca Raton, Florida, where he leads a team of experts and agents dedicated to helping companies source growth capital. Iamunno is passionate about helping high-net-worth individuals, including athletes, entertainers, and celebrities build out their investment portfolios with digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens or NFTs, and asset-supported tokens, among others. Iamunno brings over 30 years of experience as a leader in the global boutique investment industry.

As CEO of AIC, Richard’s current focus and expertise cover the following areas of knowledge:

  • Providing guidance to businesses regarding blockchain technologies, banking, capital formation, and active tier 1 cryptocurrency trading
  • Helping individuals and organizations create a game plan for doing business using digital assets
  • Expanding college athletic sponsorship opportunities, especially for companies using crypto
  • Traditional investment services and banking consulting

Richard Iamunno is driven by helping individuals and companies navigate the exciting new world of cryptocurrency and leveraging its game-changing potential. Iamunno is enthusiastic about the new opportunities that come with investing in digital assets. His areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, investments, and raising growth capital.

Major Achievements at AIC

Under the leadership of Iamunno, AIC has experienced several important milestones, including:

  • Service to streamline school acceptance of crypto-backed funding: AIC partnered with Delchain, a full-service financial firm and digital asset provider, to offer colleges and universities an expedited way to access funds that are based on digital currencies. AIC and Delchain collaborate to provide guidance, safety, and security for sponsors to help stand in the gap for educational institutions.
  • Partnering with M3 to expand crypto access to the yachting industry: AIC entered the luxury yachting industry in Monte Carlo, Monaco, through a partnership with Monaco Marina Management Company (M3). Together, they offer yacht brokers and marina operators a strategy for accepting digital currencies in a way that is compliant with industry regulations.
  • Sponsorship of the U.S. Superyacht Association Summit in March 2022: Held in West Palm Beach, Florida, this event brings together summit members and yacht owners to exchange information and ideas about the challenges facing the yachting industry. As a sponsor, AIC was on hand to expose attendees to the potential of digital assets, providing education and possible solutions, especially for a luxury industry impacted by a global pandemic.

Richard Iamunno’s passion for helping entities craft strategies for digital asset investment is indicative of his willingness to help others understand what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next. Before AIC, Iamunno’s love of new investment strategies was evident in his work at his previous leadership role at Online Gaming Systems, Ltd.

Gaming Visionary and Leader

Before AIC, Richard founded Online Gaming Systems, Ltd., a global, public company in 1994 where he served as President and CEO. Under his leadership, Online Gaming Systems supplied interactive gaming systems to clients operating within the land-based gaming industry. Besides land-based operators, the company also provided guidance and advisory services to sports wagering operators, lottery organizations, and virtual gaming companies working in licensed and regulated environments.

Online Gaming Systems developed and marketed several Internet-based and private network-based products, including the following:

  • Internet Casino Extension: a collection of games used by casinos to expand their reach to players via mobile devices
  • WebSports: an international online system for sports betting
  • RealSports: an online sports information service
  • Lotto Magic: a lottery system to aid public and private organizations with fundraising
  • Bingo Blast: a multiplayer system for use by non-profit and private organizations
  • Hotel HotLinks: a game and entertainment system, accessible from hotel rooms

In addition to these products, OGS also provided wireless and portable gaming equipment through its wholly owned subsidiary, Excel Design, appropriately based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Other Relevant Experience

Past roles for Richard Iamunno include the following:

  • President, Ameristar International, an Investment Banking Firm
  • Senior Director of Marketing and Vice President, Western Union Corporation
  • Chief Investment Officer, Ango World Holdings, Inc.
  • Regional Marketing Director, Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
  • Board of Directors, Trinitech Systems

Richard also recognizes the importance of engaging with charitable organizations and committees that provide support and guidance. His service and voluntary experience includes the following:

  • Member, University of Central Florida Shareholders Club
  • Board Member, Boca Raton Republican Club
  • Member, Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee
  • Founding Member, Florida Atlantic University Founders Club
  • Founding Board Member, F.i.n.e.s.s.e. Foundation, a 501c charitable organization
  • Volunteer, St. Thomas High School

An alumnus of Drake University where he majored in business and political science, Richard Iamunno’s professional and charitable experience merges several of his biggest passions, cryptocurrencies, luxury markets, and university athletics. Iamunno loves a gorgeous day out on the water as yachting is one of his favorite hobbies. Iamunno brings decades of leadership in investment and zeal for emerging technologies to deliver high-quality service for all of his clients.

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