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Based out of Boca Raton, Florida, Richard Iamunno is a successful entrepreneur and businessman with over three decades of experience as a dedicated leader in the global boutique investment industry. He is perhaps best known for his current position as Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic International Capital Digital Access Group. His main areas of expertise include but are not limited to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), raising growth capital and investments.

AIC is a financial services organization dedicated to offering a full suite of crypto and digital asset solutions to clients, including, but not limited to elements like digital financial investment guidance, crypto sports sponsorship opportunities, crypto to fiat payments, NFTs, advisory for tier one exchange listings and more.

Atlantic International Capital: The Story So Far

As the CEO of Atlantic, he is tasked with leading a team of experts and agents in the field, all of whom are singularly dedicated to helping companies find growth capital through innovative means. This position has allowed Iamunno to focus on one of his true passions - helping high-net-worth individuals succeed. Just a few examples of those who would fall into that category include but are not limited to athletes, entertainers, and celebrities. Iamunno and his team help their clients use superior innovation and unparalleled intelligence to expand their investment portfolios, leveraging one of the biggest opportunities in the industry to come along in a generation: digital assets. They have deeply rooted experience in not only cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens but also asset-supported tokens, etc.

Currently, Mr. Iamunno is spending a significant amount of his time offering expert-level guidance to businesses in terms of how they can best leverage modern day advancements like blockchain technologies to their advantage. He also offers assistance in terms of banking, capital formation, active tier 1 cryptocurrency trading and more. He enjoys the opportunity to help both private individuals and large organizations create the forward-thinking, fully customized strategy they need to take full advantage of everything that digital assets have to offer. In addition to helping people navigate the exciting new world of cryptocurrency, he and the rest of the team at AIC also offer traditional banking services as well.

Overall, he is the most excited about the possibilities that the future might hold. Something like cryptocurrency would have been unthinkable on this scale even as recently as 20 years ago. Flash forward to today, and it has already proven itself to be an incredible source of disruption across the financial services sector. He is eager to help as many people as possible capitalize on the opportunities that come with investing in digital assets moving forward.

Forging a New Path for an Industry

Since he began his position at Atlantic International Capital Digital Assets Group, Richard Iamunno has been responsible for a wide range of different achievements. Under his enthusiastic style of leadership, AIC itself has hit a number of essential milestones. They've been responsible for streamlining services required to facilitate school acceptance of crypto-backed funding, for example. AIC also partnered with Delchain - a full-service financial firm and digital asset provider - to enable colleges, universities and other higher education institutions to access critical funds that are based in digital currencies faster than ever before.

The relationship between Delchain and AIC was also able to offer guidance, safety and most importantly security for sponsors to help stand in the gap for educational institutions.

He oversaw AIC's efforts to enter the luxury yachting industry in Monte Carlo, Monaco, through a partnership with the esteemed Marina Management Company, otherwise known as M3 for short. He continued to oversee AIC and M3's partnership in a way that allowed for expanded access to cryptocurrencies for organizations across the yachting industry. They primarily work with yacht brokers and marina operators on developing unique strategies for accepting digital currencies, all in a way that is still in adherence with regulations and compliance concerns set forth by the industry.

The connection between AIC and M3 also led to a unique sponsorship opportunity of the United States Super yacht Association Summit that took place in March of 2022. The event took place in West Palm Beach, Florida and saw the arrival of both summit members and yacht owners from around the world. It's an event dedicated to the exchange of information and ideas about not only the types of challenges that are facing the yachting industry in the wake of current events and others, but where the industry (and those who participate in it) may be headed.

In its position as a sponsor, AIC representatives were present to help attendees better understand the possibilities that would be open to them after embracing digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Iamunno and his team offered extensive education and helped attendees learn about potential solutions that would meet their needs, regardless of what is going on in the world. This was especially important for a luxury industry that has already been significantly impacted by not only the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the potential of a global economic downturn on the horizon as well.

Just Getting Started

He has long displayed his passion for helping people and organizations create finely-tuned, forward-thinking custom strategies for investing in digital assets. In a time when the digital assets themselves are changing rapidly, the situation surrounding them can be difficult to navigate to one's advantage. Therefore, guidance and education become two of the top priorities for not just Iamunno, but for the rest of his team at AIC.

He has dedicated himself to helping others understand what is new when it comes to things like cryptocurrencies, what short-term opportunities they need to move on to accomplish their financial goals and where everything may be headed.

Prior to assuming his position at AIC, Mr. Iamunno's excitement for innovative investment strategies led him to his previous leadership position at the global interactive gaming technology company Online Gaming Systems, Ltd. He founded that organization in 1994 and was the president and CEO.

He attended Drake University, where he received his Bachelor's degree in 1979.


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