Crypto Is Making Its Way Into the Yachting Industry

Crypto is already making its way into the yachting industry. Many companies accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods, including Cloud Yachts, Boatsters, and Denison Yachting. This is a great way to reduce transaction costs while ensuring that the yacht owners receive the total amount of fiat money upon sale.


Bitcoin is becoming a popular payment option for the luxury yachting industry. Ocean Independence offered this service and partnered with Austrian company Salamantex GmbH for payment processing. Using cryptocurrency for payment processing is a new option for yacht owners and charter companies.

 As a result, yacht owner can pay their bill in minutes rather than weeks or months. Traditional banks require a lot of paperwork and may need multiple approvals. Additionally, Bitcoin has a higher value than most other global currencies. It reached a high of $20,000 per coin at the end of 2017, which benefits yacht charterers.

Denison Yachting

Recently, Denison Yachting has started accepting cryptocurrency payments.  It has also talked with customers who wish to make end-to-end cryptocurrency transactions. The company also promotes its Hatteras line of boats at the Miami Yacht Show.

A Florida yacht dealer has announced that customers can purchase high-end yachts using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company says that the move enables customers to pay faster and more safely.

Cryptocurrencies can also be used to make deposits or payments in advance. For example, Boat uses BitPay to process cryptocurrency transactions and has partnered with Travel to connect its crypto customers to rental apartments, hotels, and other luxury goods.  As more cryptocurrency transactions become widespread, the company expects to see more industry adoption.


The company has been accepting crypto transactions since 2014, after getting approved by BitPay. Several bitcoin investors have already purchased a 52-foot Lagoon catamaran using a combination of US dollars and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is also likely to be a common way to buy a yacht in the future.

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are rapidly transforming the yachting industry. However, experts warn that buyers and sellers need to prepare for significant changes. Since 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto published a seminal paper on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has grown from obscurity to mainstream business and economy.

For example, Lamborghini began accepting cryptocurrency for its cars, and sales soared. The anonymous nature of Bitcoin has meant that the number of crypto millionaires is unknown, but it’s safe to assume they want to spend their wealth on luxury goods. The rise of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange has made yachting more accessible for crypto millionaires. However, luxury yachting companies like Boatsters have seen an explosive increase in charters and have been unable to meet the demand.

A significant benefit to using Bitcoin is that the transaction is fast and secure. Bitcoin allows users to send and receive money internationally with little to no fees. The process of transferring Bitcoin from one bank account to another can take just seconds. Moreover, the process requires no bank approval, which makes it a convenient option for customers who want to pay in cryptocurrency.

Cloud Yachts

Cryptocurrency is gaining ground in many industries, including the yachting industry. Many brokers are saying that cryptocurrency will be the next big thing, and the yachting industry will most likely follow suit.

A recent announcement by Quantum Yacht Group revealed that Crypto payments would be accepted for new construction projects. Additionally, Dynamiq, a leading manufacturer of luxury yachts, is launching an initiative to buy Crypto for owner’s supply items, including yacht tenders and water toys.

Another significant advantage of Crypto is its security. Unlike credit card payments, cryptocurrencies have no third-party identity theft or bank account requirements, and a person can easily trace their transactions.